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David Churcher

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Director and Principal Consultant

Hitherwood works in partnership with you to understand your business and to mobilise your staff and other resources to make successful change. We use a broad set of business skills to help your business improve. We can help you develop or refine your corporate strategy, help you establish corporate goals and objectives. We can help you and your staff translate the businesses goals into personal targets.

We can help you develop closer working relationships with your key suppliers or sub-contractors, including working out who these are.

We can help you measure your business performance, so that you can see where business improvement will make the most difference.

To talk to us about any of these topics, call David Churcher on 07900 254090, or email david.churcher@hitherwood.co.uk.

Our office is located at:

The Nursery
Rayne Road
CM77 6RG

A copy of our Quality Management Statement can be downloaded here.

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